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The Original Resinator XL Motor XLM
The Original Resinator XL Motor XLM
The Original Resinator XL Motor XLM

The Original Resinator XL Motor XLM

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    The Original Resinator
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    Resinator XL Motor

    Resinator XL Series Custom Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) Right Angle Worm Drive Gear Motors with Integral Onboard Motor Controls 120 VAC

    Resinator XL Series Motor

    Resinator XL Series customized fractional horsepower permanent magnet DC right angle worm drive gear motors are heavy duty, durable, long life, high efficiency motors designed specifically for Resinator Xl commercial and industrial applications. Our double reduction worm drive right angle gear motors are rated to 600 inch lbs continuous torque. The XL series motor is rated at 10 ft-lb. Hi speed is 35 rpm, Mid speed is 25 rpm, and Low speed is 15 rpm. Amp rating is 1.5


    • Shortened A/C plug for convenience
    • Built in On/Off - Forward/Reverse switch
    • Internal fan and motor housing louvers keep motor cool during operation
    • Custom mounted digital control panel with built in variable speed
    • Class H insulation (180 C)
    • UL Recognized
    • Specially engineered long life brushes
    • Powered by permanent magnet DC motors
    • Rugged aluminum die cast gear box and end housings
    • Motor quality ball bearings
    • Resilient corrosion proof powder coat finish limits oxidation
    • Stainless steel output shaft 1/2” standard diameter
    • Continuous torque rating to 600 inch lbs
    • Steel and bronze high performance gearing for high strength and durability
    • High temperature synthetic grease filled gear box for long life and quieter operation
    • Patent Pending


    • Quiet operation
    • Heavy duty and functional design
    • Efficient motor for long life battery powered applications
    • Customized specific for Original Resinator applications
    • Easy to instal
    • lNetwork of representatives for service and technical support
    • Designed and manufactured in the USA

    Resinator XL Series Motor Controller
    Unlike other DC motor controllers, the new Resinator XL Series PWM single quadrant microprocessor DC electric motor controllers are an integral part of the DC gear motor, providing the unique feature of integral onboard motor controls that eliminate the hassle of remote placement of a motor control and associated wiring and panel space requirements for mounting an independent motor control drive.

    With Resinator XL Series motor controllers, you get the "complete package" - custom DC gear motors with integral onboard PWM microprocessor DC motor controls - in one compact, flexible design.

    Ideal for applications requiring multiple output speeds. Designed for applications requiring constant speeds at varying loads.

    Additional Resinator XL motor controller benefits include higher torque at low speed, longer brush life, more precise speed control, fast acting current limit, slow start, higher efficiency, and lower motor form factor; resulting in reduced motor heating and eliminating the need for large expensive filter capacitors.

    Resinator XL integral onboard DC electric motor controllers also include 3 speed button settings with indicator LEDs.


    • New intregral onboard PWM microprocessor DC motor controller
    • 120 VAC input
    • 3 speed button settings
    • Higher torque at low speed
    • Longer brush life
    • Precise speed control
    • Fast acting current limit
    • Low motor form factor
    • Reduced motor heating
    • Pliminates expensive filter capacitors


    • 90-130 VDC output
    • 120 VAC Input Voltage DC Motor Controller
    • 3 amp continuous output current
    • 22kHz, 0-100% duty cycle PWM rate
    • 1/50 - 3/8 HP @ 115 VAC single phase


    The Quality You Demand - Made In The USA!