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Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Rosin Press V2
Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Rosin Press V2
Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Rosin Press V2
Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Rosin Press V2
Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Rosin Press V2
Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Rosin Press V2

Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Rosin Press V2

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    Top Features

    • Features our Pressware technology, which offers a full color LCD touch screen with custom software for even more control
    • Save up to 30 pre-set recipes so once you dial in your settings you can repeat your results 
    • 5 tons of pressure output from our custom fabricated, oil-less, maintenance-free pneumatic cylinder from 120psi compressed air input (1.7 CFM)
    • Even heat distribution from 0 degrees F - 300 degrees F from our in-house machined aluminum plates, each with its own thermocoupler for perfect accuracy
    • Each Pikes Peak rosin press includes two sets of orientation legs, so you can operate the press vertically or horizontally
    • Ultra durable, powder-coated construction that comes with a full 1 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Each press is proudly made by hand in Denver, Colorado with top quality components at our factory
    • Patent pending

    Note: Air compressor not included. See info on recommended air compressors below.

    The Pikes Peak Press was engineered to provide years and years of reliability while giving you the highest quality press on the market. You, the user, has complete control over heat plate temperatures, press time, operating pressure (digital readout), and actuating speed. The Pikes Peak features 10" x 3" heat plates with our Dual Pressure system. Learn more about Dual Pressure here.

    Our pneumatic cylinder requires no oiling or maintenance and through its unique design is able to achieve nearly 5 tons of force with only 120 PSI compressed air. These extremely high forces ensure that all of your rosin is extracted efficiently. All PurePressure products are manufactured in the USA and we guarantee unrivaled quality from all of our handmade presses and rosin bags.

    Notes About Air Compressors: an air compressor is required to operate the Pikes Peak rosin press and is not included. The basic requirements are that it can reach 145 PSI, has a tank size of 30 gallons or more, and has a CFM rating of 1.7 or great. For the full the breakdown, read here. Also, don't forget also sell top quality air compressors.

    We recommend an air compressor that reaches at least 120 psi but ideally 140 psi for full utilization of the Pikes Peak rosin press that has a tank size of 20 gallons, at a minimum.

    Typically, cheaper, smaller air compressors will work perfectly fine to run your Pikes Peak rosin press, but will be much louder and cycle more frequently to keep up. They also tend not to last as long because of the quality of the seals they are made with, but are a great cost saver to get going.

    More expensive air compressors, such as rotary screw models like the Chicago Pneumatics compressor that we sell, offer near silent operation and have a large enough tank so that they rarely have to cycle. The Quincy air compressors we offer are a nice middle of the road option between premium and entry level. Ultimately, it depends on what kind of investment you are willing to make, how many machines will be used off of it, and where it can be located in your building.

    Sizing an air compressor:

    There are 2 major considerations when sizing an air compressor for your application.

    1) CFM or SCFM (cubic feet per minute):  This number represents how much air you continually consume.  The Pikes Peak Press consumes roughly 1.7 CFM at 120 psi.  Each tool or piece of equipment will have a CFM rating associated with it.  You should add up the CFM for each tool that you plan to use at the same time and find your worst case scenario for total CFM.  Once you have that number, multiply it by 1.3 to give you a bit of leeway. If you are in a high altitude environment, multiply by an additional 1.2 to compensate appropriately.  You should now have a total CFM with wiggle room and altitude compensation.  Make sure that the compressor you choose is rated at this CFM or higher.  Compressors are usually rated with a CFM at a certain pressure (e.g. 5.1 CFM @ 90 psi).  The pressure represents what you want your air line pressure to be.  For the Pikes Peak Press we recommend a line pressure of 120 psi which in our example would result in a lower CFM than 5.1.  This is important to consider during your selection.  It is best to find the CFM rating you need at the line pressure you need.

    2) Tank Size:  The tank size of a compressor will determine how frequently your compressor is going to turn on/off.  Very frequent on/off cycles dramatically reduces the life of an air compressor.  Larger tanks will be able to handle spikes in air consumption so your line pressure does not drop below your setting.  Always pick your air compressor by starting with the CFM requirements and then look at tank size.  Typically the tank size will increase proportionately with CFM and you will not need to consider this at all.  When purchasing very small, low power compressors you may find many options that have the same CFM rating with a variety of tank sizes.  If you are only running 1 Pikes Peak Press we recommend a minimum tank size of 20 gallons however 30 to 60 gallons is ideal.


    "I need an air compressor and I want to run 1 Pikes Peak Press as well as a pneumatic air tool that requires 11 CFM at 120 psi.  I am located in Denver, CO.  Which air compressor should I buy?"

    1) Add up the CFM ratings: 1.7 (Pikes Peak Press) + 11 (Miscellaneous Air Tool) = 12.7 CFM

    2) Multiply by 1.3 for wiggle room: 12.7 x 1.3 = 16.5 CFM

    3) Multiply by 1.2 for Denver's altitude: 16.5 x 1.2 = 19.8 CFM

    4) Your air requirement is roughly 20 CFM, our 7.5 HP Chicago Pneumatic compressor is rated at 21.2 CFM at 150 psi.  It has a 60 gallon tank which would allow you to press at least 6 times before the compressor will turn back on.  It is an excellent choice for your application! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    No Comparison

    After plenty of research finally settled on getting the Pikes Peak rosin press and glad i did..the others we saw demoed prior to purchase didn't compare,all the questions i had for the others the pikes peak rosin press the dual pressure upgrade along with the full kit and love the 2"_9" mold i got to make sure i give my bags that pre-squish..also great that they share all the little tips and tricks i know its helped my yield and quality...

    Thank you so much, John!
    Beyond happy with my purchase.

    Couldn't be happier with my Pikes Peak Rosin press. This machine is user friendly, and cuts the process time in half. The folks at Pure Pressure go above and beyond great customer service. Would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to maximize their rosin potential. So impressed with this machine and this company.

    Thank you so much, Lauren!
    Top Notch Equipment

    More than satisfied with my purchase i was in contact with brady and others from the purepressure family and the customer service is unbeatable they were able assist me with all my questions to insure I was making the right choice and I did! Would recommend this press to anyone personal or commercial use!

    Pikes peak press

    Very happy with the performance of the press. Super user friendly and the yields are great. I average around a 20% yield from my flower and when pressing my bubble hash I am yielding anywhere from 45% to 70%. Very happy to have the press! The service dept is also very helpful with any questions that I have had, and they always give a speedy response. Thanks!

    Forget the rest and press with the best!

    The pikes Peak is about as good as it gets for pressing Rosins and Oils, we've used others and have yet to find anything comparable to this fine machine.. Pure Pressure fully backs their presses and actually use them in house, so there's not a question about it they can't answer.. and being built in the USA you know its quality.. O.C.C.